Start to Speaking with Langfight.

This user manual will guide you through these set-up screens,
and through all the function of the langfight application.

First time in Langfight?

The first time that you run langfight you can choose between creating a new user, or entering the guest user, you will go through a few screens helping you to set up language for practices.

Learn listen and speak from word and phrases

Hear words and phrases recorded by native speakers. Practices use recordings of your own voice to perfect your accent and pronunciation.

Compare your speak and submit your records to our community and have other users grade your recordings.

Help people learn your language.

Give grade for encouragement to anybody who trying to learn your language. or Advised his / her pronunciation wiht recording your comment.

Master any language at the same time

Tab or click menu icon in the top bar and to Admin console screen, click Setting to show language setting you can change language for practices.